About Me

If you are visiting for the first time, Welcome! My name is Mike, I love to cook (in my mind I wonder if there is anything else that needs to be said). I have been a test lab technician, and currently sell car parts for the aftermarket performance industry. I am also a 20 year veteran of the military. So how does this make me a expert in cooking. It doesn't! What does, is that I have loved to cook and, no matter what endeavor I have done, Food and cooking have always been there. ALL of my precious free time is spent studying, researching and cooking food. It is a hobby, a love, NO a passion. I don't merely want to know how to cook things, but WHY I do the things I need to do to cook them.

So why I'm I doing this? Call it a culinary challenge or a put my passion where my mouth is. If my fervent belief is that food is a the basis of life, the essence of home and the product of love, why should I not embrace All of it's facets in their entirety? That is why I am embarking on this project. I live a life with very little in the way of challenge, this is a a challenge that suits me.